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Stephanie Gencarelli-Mccarthy
General Manager/Owner/personal trainer

I am Stephanie. Daughter. Wife. Dog Mom. Sweat Obsessed. Imperfect. Personal Trainer. Nutritionist. Accountability Coach. Peanut Butter Junkie.

For as long as I can remember, I struggled with my weight. As a kid I always remember feeling bigger than everyone else. I never truly felt comfortable in my own skin. I gained weight steadily for years, struggled with binge eating disorder and it wasn’t until my mid 20’s when I realized I was at my heaviest weight ever. This realization left me feeling defeated, discouraged, angry with myself, disappointed in myself and like no matter what I did, this feeling was never going to change. I felt as though I was spinning my wheels for years. I literally hopped on every diet known to man, spent countless hours in the gym without ever getting any real results. I soon found myself at a crossroads. My family had decided to embark on a new journey, opening a family owned and operated gym. Who would have thought? The place I felt most out of my comfort zone was now about to become the place I would be spending my days in and days out to build our business. All I could think of was, “Who would ever trust me? The big girl running the gym isn’t exactly the motivation most people look for.”

Finally, something clicked. I started working with one of our personal trainers, I decided I needed to be done with diets and really change my entire life. I asked my brother Lou to help me change my eating habits as he is a certified nutrition coach for some elite athletes in the gym and sport of bodybuilding so I knew if anyone could help me, it would be him.

I changed my entire life. I stopped setting unrealistic goals for myself and began to look at this process as a journey, not at a quick fix. Soon, the weight starting falling off and I realized that I had found what worked for me. I kept on track and before I realized it, I was down over 150 pounds and never felt better. This journey took me a while but it was worth it and it’s far from over.

I never had any intention of becoming a personal trainer. I know that may sound weird but I truly didn’t. I was content with running our business, taking care of the behind the scenes, day to day operations and happy that I had finally reached a place in my life that I could be proud of myself for the hard work I put in, for the changes I made and for where my hard work got me.

Soon, I starting receiving requests for personal training, many of which I turned down saying “I’m not qualified” Until I got to thinking…”why exactly aren’t I qualified? I busted my butt to get to where I am, I’ve learned so much and have truly tried and tested everything out there! Why don’t I just look into getting certified and see what happens?” Needless to say, I did. And I fell in LOVE instantly. I realized that I wanted to share this feeling with everyone! I wanted everyone who was struggling to realize that it can be done, without killing yourself in the gym and without starving yourself. I needed to get this message out there because it’s so important and because I needed to pay it forward. I had it done for me and I needed to pass this along for others who need it. I soon had this intense desire for people to realize their full potential because once they do, it’s like living a whole new life and it’s absolutely amazing. Soon after getting certified through IFA, a nationally accredited personal training institute, I started to train my first clients and knew this was exactly where I needed to be. My clients started to get amazing results and I was instantly hooked. I craved more knowledge to really catapult these amazing, trusting and hardworking people to greatness. I decided to become IFA certified in Sports Nutrition, and then went on to receive a Certification in TRX suspension training.

Since becoming a personal trainer, I have truly never felt more fulfilled. I have seen transformations that still give me such joy to this day. I want the world to see that health and happiness can truly go hand in hand. Since building my personal training business and coaching business I had received online requests for accountability coaching, something I had only just recently heard about. I received messages stating that they had followed my journey on social media and were so inspired by my story but they lived far away and wondered if I was available for virtual coaching or accountability coaching. After giving it some thought and research I realized I could reach so many more people by giving this a shot. So I did. I began to take on a couple of pilot and test clients for the new program I was developing and I could not believe it, but it was working! These people were getting amazing results, they were feeling great, they were motivated and they were HAPPY! I made sure to connect as much as possible with each client to ensure they still felt they had everything they needed from a coach and it has proven to be a truly amazing, life changing program.

If you asked me ten or even five years ago where I would be today I probably would have said somewhere completely different but life had different plans for me. Life has proven to me that what’s meant to be will be. I’ve truly fallen into my passion and found a love for health, fitness and wellness that I never knew existed in me but I wouldn’t change this feeling for anything. I wake up every single day with purpose and drive, knowing I’m changing lives, not just my clients, but my own as well.